With more than forty years in the Bakery and Food Service Equipment industry, BAKERSMATE has become one of the most respected suppliers in Africa. Not only do we focus on giving our customers high-quality equipment and excellent service, but we have also opened our doors to new developments for disadvantaged and Greener community projects. With the world focus on Earth Friendly Green developments, we have taken bold steps to ensure that we too can now offer business options, which work in favor of keeping our planet alive. We have also set part of our core focus on supply into remote African communities by developing modules that are both low cost and highly sustainable. Our “Container Modules” can be found throughout Africa and are providing essential supply services into communities, which in the past, have not had access to these facilities. Communities are now branching out and feeding the nation and in doing so, providing upliftment to communities forgotten about.  See Container Solutions for further details. 


Another exciting development for us is that of personalised catering needs. We have started a program where we can now have finished products personalised for the customer; giving them the signature on their final baked product they have always wanted. These small adjustments on our part are setting each individual business apart from their competition.BAKERSMATE  has also undertaken a leadership role in supplying into the market at visibly reduced costs, by having machinery made, to the same specs as major competitors, at highly reduced rates. It is this alone, that sets us apart from our competitors as we would rather focus on moving volume to the consumer, than high-profit margins at reduced volumes. As a third world country, where the majority of our small business entrepreneurs cannot afford the high start-up costs; we have made it our driving force to give back to the community, by keeping our products of high quality, but at lower costs. A vast majority of our projects are funded by or sponsored by international companies, looking to help uplift small communities. Our products are scrutinised and tested to ensure top quality by these investors so that time and time again, they can sponsor or fund new products. We are proud to say we have never had any comebacks negative to trade prosperity.BAKERSMATE is a family-owned business, that we plan on passing forward through generations, and our sole objective, is to keep the business name, we are so proud to stand behind, in good light in the hospitality industry of Equipment supply. We promise to you, our customers, the best service and quality machinery to be proud of. We do look forward to hearing from you...

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